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michael21 28-06-10 09:59 PM

Aljazeera coming soon to freeview
The source on this is there is an advertisement that I just saw on tv news

I dont know what hours it will run but the advert says it will be on channel 89

Gaffer 29-06-10 12:03 AM

It is actually a rather good news station. Very factual and not biased like a lot of typically Zionist leaning media.

michael21 29-06-10 09:16 AM

More information

Al Jazeera’s English-language service will offer a national digital channel for the UK. It starts transmission on the UK ‘Freeview’ digital network system on July 1 (on Ch 89), broadcasting from 6pm to 11pm. Al Jazeera English is already available on satellite and cable for 24-hours a day.

“This launch is significant for AJE, as it provides access to the channel to more than 80% of households in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland,” said an Al Jazeera statement.

The company continued: “The channel, which is available in more than 200 million households worldwide, will air live daily from 6pm – 11pm BST. During this time, viewers will be able to watch the News at 6pm, providing Al Jazeera’s award winning perspective on world events. The News will be preceded by Inside Story, which airs daily at 6:30pm.”

Gaffer 03-07-10 10:27 PM

Thing is Al Jazeera has interviews with a lot of people who are banned from British TV. I wonder what will happen there!

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