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Originally Posted by Quantum View Post
Hey Carla,

First of all congrats on GSL and wow zoom publishing, you're doing a swell job!

I have been following your work for some time, and I noticed that a few years ago that you said you would not do any 'nude' shoots, however in the past year you have done more 'art nude' - have you felt more confident to do more of these shoots? or is this a response to the changing demands in the glamour industry?

For the record, I think you are absolutely beautiful, and love all your photos and videos - I am struggling to identify set is my favorite - what's your fav?
Hi Quantum, thanks for your kind words about Wow Zoom it means a lot

I've actually done very little nude work due to a bad experience. My first ever modelling job I was under 18 and manipulated into doing nude, those shots were then sold on to lots of hardcore porn and teen sites. So I decided then not to do it anymore. Since then I did nude as favours for a couple of close friends (Only Tease and Girl Folio) and Playboy and that's it really. The only nude shoot I've done in the last 5 years was for Art Lingerie (for Only Tease). The reason it probably looks like i've done more is because people share those pictures all over the place and they come up top of searches.

I have nothing against nude or adult work and would feel comfortable doing it, I just don't think it's a good idea as I eventually want to work in Politics.

There have been so many i'm not sure I could choose a favourite set! Do you have anything you're into like stockings, tights, uniforms etc?
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