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Hey Carla,

Thanks for your reply, and seriously you should deserve all the praise for the work you are doing on GSL and wow zoom - I am struggling with publishing an intranet page let alone organising dozens of glamourous models and live shows.....fancy a swap? LOL!!!

Really sorry to hear about how you were treated, as well as how those early photo's got distributed. I don't think a lot of people are aware of the vulnerabilities associated with the glamour industry.

I really hope your future career in politics succeeds, have you thought of which area or issues that you would want to pursue? I work for the govt, and I am probably learning and doing more than I ever did when I worked for an ambulance chasing law firm - yes there is an even lower level species of lawyers.

This may sound weird, but spectacles - whenever you wear them you just look so sexy and hot - You could set up a sexy specs site?
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