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Old 09-06-10, 09:23 PM
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Default Cumbria shooting

I actually feel sorry for the gun man. For someone to break down and do what he did due to being screwed by his brother, the tax man and a solicitor I think is tragic. Due to this recession I think a lot of people are probably and have already done a lot of stupid things, most not as serious as this.

Makes you wonder what pressure of that sort would do to yourself.
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Old 09-06-10, 09:41 PM
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Does seem like he was being royally screwed. However, I think going on a Rambo style shooting spree is a tad extreme. Personally I think the worst thing I would do under extreme pressure is kill myself but that thought has never entered into my head during my life.
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Old 12-06-10, 03:24 PM
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Yeah you have to ask yourself what does make a man like that crack. You could probably look as Maslows Heiracy of Needs

His safety with regard to his house had been taken away, family love with his brother trying to screw him. self esteem with him have to be a taxi driver for people he was once equal with.

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